Electronics development

We offer integral solutions, fast an reliable!

From simple adapters to complete microcontroller systems - together with you we work out the framework of the project and the specifications.

As a flexible partner, we offer many electronics services for your products:

  • Specification and service planning
  • Review of the requirements and concept development
  • Cost control and optimization analysis
  • Creation of shematics and layout, casing and cooling
  • Microcontroller- und  power elektronics
  • Measurement and testing technologie and sensory
  • Controllers and drive systems
  • Functional models and prototypes
  • Generation of production data
  • Component procurement und cost optimization
  • Test systems in hard- and software
  • Programing of Windows and Linux based systems
  • Documentation and transparency

Benefit from our experience and use our services in the development of electronics.

The preparation of functional specifications, early prototypes up to final solutions will occur in close collaboration with you. Herein we work with modern development methods and guarantee a complete functional product.

For us an integral part of our holistic and service-oriented product development is to support the production from the design phase to the EOL.
For this we offer solutions in testsystem development and quality control management in the areas of information technology as well as electronics.

With our in-house manufacturing possibilities we can make fast prototypes. Often it only takes a few weeks to get from request to first prototype.

For more information and offers please contact us via our contactformular.

Examples of electronics made by 2PrintBeta:

Rasberry Pi to DICE adapter board with fitting level converters.

Battery supervision board with balancer.

USBDelay board for correct startup of a customer project.